When it comes to painting a home, color is not the only thing to focus on. In fact, choosing the right kind of paint finish will give you the desired look.

There are many types of paint out on the open market today with each of them having their own unique features. More commonly, enamel and emulsion paints that are oil and water-based, are used as interior/exterior wall paint. Being resistant to wear and tear, they are ideal to get different types of finishes in different kinds of projects.

In deciding as to which type of paints and colors to use, you are most likely to see the following Benjamin Moore paint finishes:

  1. High Gloss Paint

High gloss paints offer a mirror-like finish, however, they need more preparation work so as to ensure a smooth application. They are often used to get a long-lasting, highly stain-resistant, and hard finish. For high-impact areas such as door frames, and window trims, high gloss is a more durable choice. Since high gloss paint reflects light and may accentuate blemishes, the application is not recommended on uneven areas.

  1. Eggless and Satin Paint

Usually, eggshell and satin finish are preferred in heavy traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Eggless paint sheen also works well for living rooms, commercial buildings, and finished basements. They are easier to clean and do not pick up dirt easily.

The only difference between satin paint and eggless is the gloss level, which is higher in satin. This characteristic makes it an ideal choice to highlight windows, shutters, and even interior windows. It is neither too glossy nor matte-just shiny enough to give the desired finish for the project.

  1. Flat Paint

Because of the non-reflective property, flat paints can provide a matte finish. They are the perfect choice to use for hiding imperfections on the surface. It is the most recommended paint type for ceilings, walls, and floors that are not subjected to high traffic volume. However, for the reflective qualities, eggshell paint sheen is the right choice.

  1. Semi-gloss paint

The luminous appearance of semi-gloss paint can be ideally used to highlight the architectural details of any property. It is available in most Benjamin Moore Interior Paints and is highly used for kitchen cabinets for a furniture-like finish.

  1. Pearl Paint

This is a medium gloss paint that ensures a beautiful appearance and high durability. From wainscoting to doors and high-humidity areas, this paint is the ultimate choice to achieve an easy-to-clean and nearly shine-free finish.

Different primers are also available to be used for different surfaces, depending on the texture and location. Primers and sealers are often used to get a clear finish and they work best on wooden and metallic surfaces. Quality primers also ensure protection against impurities like crayons, water stains, ink, and smoke. Taking into consideration the wear and tear of the surface, the choice of primer may vary.

These are some of the types of paints prevailing in the market. Visit Yes Paint Store in your area to know more about the paint selection for your home.

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