A pleasing color scheme is one of the first things you need to establish when it comes to living room design. It is expected to serve as the main inspiration for the entire design concept and provide the atmosphere for many years to come. Additionally, as your living room is likely the area in your home that is utilized the most, you must choose colors that make you eager to spend time there! These living room paint color ideas will inspire you whether you want something big and dark, neutral, bright, or melancholy.


  1. Use a pastel pink color: Pastel painting is the simplest method to liven up your living space. And what color could be nicer than a soft pink hue? A living area with subdued pink walls gives the place a gentle warmth. Selecting furniture with floral designs and draperies with elaborate patterns may give the living space more depth.
  1. Use classic black and white: Monochrome doesn’t have to be dull; when used imaginatively, this color scheme can breathe new life into the living area. There are many various ways to play with this traditional color scheme and create a unique and eye-catching living space.
  1. Browns and bright whites: This color scheme is classic and incredibly adaptable. This color scheme is usually used if you wish to avoid trends and stay with one color scheme. If you want to give your room a quick makeover in the future, white also makes it possible to add other colors.
  1. Black and red: Go big and bold with this combination. Black is chic and manly, and red is a strong hue. The red and black color scheme doesn’t have to be overt in a bachelor pad living area. For a modern room, use the combination as an accent to tone down the intensity of these hues.
  1. Burgundy and white: Burgundy is another great option for accent walls because it is a reddish color. Combining the hue with white is a great concept. The living room’s color scheme for the walls is also pretty effective because the warm ambiance that a burgundy wall and a wooden floor produce both go hand in hand.
  1. Oranges and neutrals: You can add subtle pops of color with flower designs, polka dots, or stripes in hues ranging from red to orange if the living room is primarily white with very soft nude and raw tones. Decorations, lampshades, and pillows are a few examples of colorful interventions.
  1. Turquoise + Cool Gray + Brights: Bright hues with warmer tones also have a place in seaside color schemes, though blue and turquoise are typical fares. Bright blue is combined with a few hot pink and yellow accents in this living room to create a lively seaside look. Seahorse table lamps and other subtle beachy elements pay homage to the theme without taking away from the space’s refinement.


These are the most common color schemes for living rooms. The color scheme you choose determines the atmosphere in your living area. Use a color scheme you adore to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the room. If you are considering painting your living room area, you can consider buying colors from Yes Paint. They have a huge variety of color options at reasonable prices.

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