Color trends for painting the exteriors and interiors change every year. Every year paint manufacturers predict what colors will be popular that year. This prediction is based mainly on the trends in the previous years and demand by the customers. As the customers’ demands keep changing with time, paint manufacturers try to predict the trend and provide shades aligned with the needs of homeowners.

If you are planning on getting your home painted, why not find out the shades that are trending to give it a modern look?

Neutral shades like white and cream were popular before the pandemic. But post-pandemic, people are looking at warm shades for their interiors. Warm interior options such as natural stone accent walls, exposed brick, and warmer wood tones are sought-after buyers.

Some of the Popular Colors for 2022:


Blue is a shade that was never out of fashion. However, this year there is an increased demand for this color. Shades of blue that are hot in demand are steel blue, cornflour, and indigo have been the favorites of customers.


As the awareness of sustainability and environmental protection grows, more people are opting for variations in green color for their homes. The green color also gives the feeling of external greenery indoors. Some of the popular shades in green are olive, moss, and viridian. These shades of green offer a calming connection with nature.

Earthy Tones:

Warm brown tones have dominated the paint market in 2022. Shades of brown easily blend with saturated hues to give softened shades that make your home unique. Brown hues such as beige, clay, and chocolatey browns have made a strong presence this year. Customers are looking for uncommon shades created by blending shades of brown with creamy whites.

Moody Charcoal:

Dark shades like moody charcoal, dark browns, etc. are being used extensively. It is expected that this trend will continue in the next few years as well. The benefit of these dark shades is that they make both warm and cool hues stand out. Shades of charcoal or a combination of charcoal with other shades have become extremely popular for painting exteriors.

Warmer Shades of Gray:

Gray has been a hot favorite of homeowners in the past. This year is no different! But there is a slight variation. Buyers are looking for warm shades of gray such as gray with brownish, slightly reddish, or greenish undertones.

These are the trending colors but original ideas are never out of trend. These are shades made by mixing different colors. So, use your creativity and paint your home in unique shades that reflect your personality.

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