Wondering how to transform your home with just paint? Well, a fresh coat of paint has the potential to add magic to your home. Whether you are looking to impress your guests, freshen up your place, or just want to experience new colors, paint is an inexpensive way to just do that. Even if you are looking to sell your home, a fresh new paint coating can drive up the value of your property.

But before you buy paint and begin the work, learn about a few exterior/interior paint ideas that really work:


While painting the interior or exterior walls, adequate surface preparation is essential. Failure to prepare may lead to peeling and other problems. Figure out what kind of paint will work best and check if any additional preparation is required. Also, pay attention to prepping doors and windows.

Color the ceiling and floor

Think beyond the walls. You can paint the ceiling and the floor to undergo a complete makeover. This is a wonderful idea that ensures dramatic effects that you couldn’t have imagined.

Choose the sky theme for the ceiling or a dark shade with lighter shade walls. For a concrete floor, it’s good to paint it in a solid color or choose to go with a checkboard appearance. It is also recommended to stain the concrete for a wooden or natural stone effect.

Color selection and placement

While executing any paint ideal, it is essential to make the right choice of colors and textures. You can pick the same color for the entire home or have different colors to create the ambiance you desire. The key is to carefully consider each color and visualize how it would feel in real time.

You can also try out small samples of paint on your walls to see the effects. If the sample suits your décor, you can go ahead with painting the entire room or home with the same color.

Innovative options

You do not need to stick to simple paint ideas. If you want something unique, try innovative paint options for your home. It may be a customized message, a typographical design for the living room, or blurred boundaries with an ombre effect. Faux molding and faux wood patterns are also popular to create an elegant look. If you are a color lover, you can choose to paint your space in stripes of different widths.

Think out of the box and discover your own personal choices to create a home that is appealing and interesting at the same time.

The Purpose of the Rooms

It does not make sense to choose one color and paint all the rooms with it. The effective way is to consider the purpose of each room and then make the right choice. For the dining rooms, it is good to choose colors that create an illusion of space and look sophisticated. Choose soothing colors like lavender, blue or light pink for the bedrooms.

Paint ideas include both interior painting and exterior facelifts. Such ideas can totally change your feelings about your space in no time. The need is to execute any idea with care and attention to detail to create the right feel.

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