Most homeowners do not even consider pressure washing their homes until it is necessary. But, by the time they decide to do it, it can be strenuous and tricky. So, you should know the right time to pressure wash your home. For some, pressure washing is their favorite activity, while for some, it is the last thing they want to do as a homeowner. But no matter what, pressure washing your home is necessary to maintain it.

Two questions that homeowners wonder the most are “how often they should pressure wash their home” and “when is the correct time to power wash their house.” If these are some questions that are bothering you, you have landed on the right page. This post will solve all your queries and ensure you with no doubts.

How often should you pressure wash your home?

For the best power washing results, twice a year will be sufficient. Once a year is the least you can do it. Climate is a vital factor depending on the time of the power wash. Summer and spring is the best time of the year for power washing your home exterior. From March to November, you can do a power wash any month.

Which hour of the day?

The time of the day is also a crucial factor for power washing. Bright and direct sunlight is the best time for power washing, as it gives the best visibility. The dirty spot can be concealed under the shadows if the weather is overcast or it is an evening. It can lead to uneven cleaning and vitiate the purpose of power washing.

The water gets dried faster if the sun shines bright. So, you can pressure wash your home in the morning hours, and if it does not suit you, dusk is the next suitable time. Pressure washing at night is a big no. The debris and twigs lying around can cause you to fall and get injured.

Condition of climate and weather

Pressure washing in chilly and freezing temperatures is not a good idea. The best time is a sunny day when no clouds cover the sunlight. Always avoid pressure washing during lighting storms or major storms.

Why should you hire professionals?

You can get a lot of videos and articles on power washing DIYs, but it is a big no. DIY in some things are never appreciated, and power washing is among them. DIY can result in undesired results and squander all your effort. So, it is better to never follow those videos or articles.

Professionals have expertise in the job and can give you the best-desired result. They will meet your expectations and ensure you get the best outcome. They will also consider all the factors before doing the task.

End Thoughts

Power washing is necessary for your home. Being a homeowner, it is your responsibility to make sure you take all the precautions. If you hire a good professional for this task, you can eliminate all these worries.

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