When new guests walk into our house, they first come across our entrance door. It leaves the first impression in the mind of the visitors. So it becomes crucial to make it more captivating to set an expectation and tone for the rest of our home. A filthy entrance door is a big turndown for the guests, so paint the door aesthetically to make our home a happy place.

Requirements to paint the door:

  • Sponge
  • 1-literer adhesion primer
  • Foam roller of high-density
  • 1-liter semi-gloss exterior paint or satin
  • Paintable fillers
  • Painter’s tape
  • Grit sandpaper
  • Paint brushes of fine quality

Before purchasing 

Know the type of existing color before buying primer or paint from the paint store. You should check out whether it is water-based or oil-based, as below.

  • Soak a clean and dry cloth in methyl hydrate and rub the soaked cloth on a small portion of your door.
  • If no color comes off and the surface shines, it is oil-based paint. If the color comes off on the cloth, it is water-based paint.

You should go with an All-purpose primer if the paint is oil-based. This primer will let you paint the door with water-based paints. As our entrance door remains exposed to the sun, it is vital to check the color chips in the sun before you choose one. The sunlight brings out the undertones of paint that might not be vivid under interior lighting. Follow the below steps after selecting the right color from the paint store.

  • Uproot the door with the help of a screwdriver and hinges. Be vigilant in this particular step. After removing the door, support it on sawhorses and unfix all the hardware attached to the door like knobs.
  • Now, clean the door with a cloth and use fine grit sandpaper to scrape all the peeling paint. Keep scraping until the door surface becomes smooth. Apply paintable fillers if there are cracks on the door and let it dry. Lastly, use a damp cloth to wipe off all the dirt from the surface before you prime.
  • If there is glass or a window on the door, which you do not want to color, then use painter’s tape to protect that particular area from getting colored.
  • A primer makes the texture smooth and does not let the door absorb moisture, so it is essential to use a primer. Apply the primer to the side edges and on the front with a wide brush or foam roller.
  • Finally, it is time to paint your door with your selected color. If you have painted sides with different colors, color the hinged side with exterior paint if the door opens inside. If the door opens out, paint the knob side with the exterior color.
  • After completing the painting process, fix the door to its place and cherish your hard work.

Final Verdict:

After getting the color from the paint store, you need to choose a perfect day for painting your door. Always ensure to buy the paint from a reputed paint hub, as it can affect the quality.

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