If you don’t plan, painting your space can be more challenging than it first seems. There are a few things you need to conduct to move toward this assignment in the best way possible. Even if each individual utilizes a different strategy, there is a specific order that you need to follow to achieve the greatest outcomes. Read the blog to know the best order to paint your room.

It’s Important to Prepare a Room

Almost everyone is aware that interior painting is considerably simpler when accomplished in a large area. It simply implies clearing the area of all belongings. Large furniture needs to be shifted away from the walls when coloring a living space, brought to the middle, and wrapped with drop cloths or old sheets to prevent paint stains.

Cleaning needs to be accomplished on every interior painting project before the coloring session. To get rid of grime and dust accumulation, make sure to completely clean the ceilings and walls. If necessary, take off the old and cracked paint.


For a multitude of reasons, coloring the ceiling always comes first. It should go without saying that drips do occur because of high roofs. You need to drip more color on a wall you are about to paint than on one you have just completed painting painstakingly.

A ladder is frequently required to color at least the ceiling borders because they are above your head. However, it’s also crucial to consider that you might not need to color the ceiling. It’s a hassle and only worthwhile if you prefer to alter the hue or the paint task is in terrible shape.

Avoid cutting corners and select “flat” paint rather than “ceiling” color if you do need to paint. In order to prevent spills and slightly defy gravity, ceiling paint is formulated to be less drippy and thicker.

The Walls

Following the ceiling’s drying procedure, the walls should be painted and trimmed with at least two paint coats. You can resolve this in the following phase, so don’t be concerned if color gets on any trim.

Skirting Boards

High gloss or semi-gloss paint must be utilized to complete this section. To ensure the line, cut in. To tape off the area directly above the trim, utilize either painter’s tape or masking tape. Just make sure the wall color is totally dry before intervening.

The Door and Window Frames

The door and window frames come next and are incredibly similar to the previous stage. Never overlook the significance of planning for this job. Prior to applying the last paint coat, check to observe if any nail gaps have been filled, the frame borders have been correctly caulked against the wall, and all jagged ends have been smoothed off.

The Doors

You can select between two painting techniques for flush and panel doors: finish or speed. Always color the panels before committing any job on doors with panels.


So these are the best orders you need to follow when painting your room. You can purchase paints from Yes Paint at a reasonable price if you’re thinking of painting your space.

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