The outside paint of a house serves as its first line of protection against the outer elements. Depending on several variables, including the surface of the wall, the environment, and the quality of the last paintwork, a professional paint job can remain fresh for up to five years. Sadly, most homeowners attempt to delay the subsequent painting phase in order to save money. But this is wrong! Let’s look at some of the factors you should consider when you assess the necessity of delaying external wall paintwork on your property and the risks involved.

  • Curb Appeal: In addition to the structural harm that aging wall paint does, it appears hideous. An appearance of chalky and dull paint results from age. When your residence has been certainly well-maintained, it appears considerably better and maintains an outstanding market value.
  • UV rays destroy walls: Do you realize how harsh and damaging UV rays can be to the outside of your residence? When you don’t color your home’s outside walls periodically, it might negatively impact the bricks and wood arranged on the residence’s exterior. These external walls may remain painted for a long time without any damage to the inside elements. The wood or bricks will crack, dry out, and sustain additional damage as an outcome.
  • Moisture Problems: Your residence’s exterior is more likely to be affected by moisture problems due to increased exposure to water. Humidity, rain, and snow can result in exterior paint to peel, particularly if it enters regions of your property that weren’t constructed to withstand moisture. Do you know that dampness can also harm the interior of your residence, increasing the probability that mold will grow there and endanger the health of everyone living there? A thick layer of paint performs as a deterrent and sealer to moisture. Although hairline fissures might seem nominal, any snowmelt or rainwater penetrating the naked wood can result in rotting. Besides, it results in the nearby paint peeling and bubbles.
  • Creepy crawlies: The majority of us prefer to keep pests at a safe distance. While the globe is full of beautiful creatures and marvels, most individuals prefer to admire them from a distance and most certainly do not like to invite them inside their residences. When you put off painting your outside walls for too long, you run the threat of leaving openings and cracks that allow pests to invade your walls and destroy them from the inside out. The wall paints accessible today are formulated to endure the environment, and maintaining your residence’s exterior will ensure that insects stay outside, where you can enjoy them.


So, these are the risks of not painting your residence. When the indication showing in your outside paint points to potential problems, particularly wood rot repair, don’t forget to consider repainting your residence’s exterior soon! Delaying exterior painting will ultimately end up costing you more money. So why put off painting your home’s exterior? Hire house painters from YesPaint today.

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