A kitchen is an integral part of your home, and painting it with a new color can also give a new look to your kitchen and house. But remember, paint color can make or break the kitchen look. It should accentuate the dimension of your kitchen.

You must consider some factors while selecting the right color for your home. Cabinet colors do play a vital role in determining the kitchen color. This post will discuss the best color for your kitchen if they have dark cabinets to make it more desirable.

Paint the Color to Match with a dark cabinet.

If you have dark cabinets, you have two ways to provide your kitchen with a new look. You can refinish or repaint the cabinets into a different color and then color the kitchen, or leave the cabinets intact and color the kitchen. When choosing the second method, you must pick the right color. Stay calm. If you have yet to learn about the colors, we will recommend some that will go best with dark cabinets.

  • Cool neutral hue

If the woods of the kitchen have cool undertones, consider them paired with cool neutral colors. Colors like March wind, Pearl Gray, or steel Gray, when matched with cool-toned cabinets, can make the kitchen look more engrossing.

  • White bold color

Using bold white colors with dark cabinets will show a stark contrast to the kitchen and enhance its beauty.

  • Warm neutral colors

When a neutral color is paired with dark wood cabinets, it can mitigate its intensity in your kitchen and make that space more inviting and captivating. Colors like a touch of sand, Ionic ivory, or Evergreen fog will increase the kitchen’s warmth.

  • Bright Colors

Though bright colors may be a bold choice for dark wood cabinets, dark wood cabinets will mitigate the intensity of the color. You can use a bright hue like Reynard or organic green for the kitchen. Please do not use more than two colors for your kitchen, as it will be more chaotic.

For small kitchens

For small kitchens choosing the right color is not a cakewalk. The following are some tips for the same:

  • Do not use contrasting hues for your kitchen. Try to match the same tone of the cabinets.
  • Using the same colors on the trims and the wall will make the ceilings of the kitchen appear taller because of no distinct line to segregate the boundary.
  • Cool white shades should be avoided with dark wood cabinets, as it makes the kitchen gloomier if you have a small kitchen.

End Takeaway

Choosing not to refinish the cabinet will take some time to decide the right color. But it will save you money as well. You can take the advice of the paint professionals for the right color. Hiring a paint professional is advisable, as you can be assured of getting the desired result without much ambiguity. The work done by them will yield the best look for your kitchen.

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