We say, “Everything is possible in kitchen remodeling.” But on the other hand, the best industry practice assigns a proper order to ensure every new furniture or fixture installation is without harming the existing feature and function.

If you are perplexed and cannot decide what to move first, the countertop or kitchen, then you are at the right place. While remodeling the kitchen, we always advise replacing cabinets before the countertop.

Why cabinets before countertop?

Though you have got your answer between countertop and cabinet, you need to know the reason behind doing the cabinet first. You can install or move the countertop materials only once. Hence, you cannot change it later. So, to prevent any problems later, it is good to install cabinets before the countertop.

The countertop material is stronger and less prone to be damaged or broken. So, install the cabinet first and protect it during the countertop installation. Surely, all the countertops will get fit the designed cabinets. Hence, you will never amend anything in the future, and the chances of any complexities regarding the countertop installation are minimal.

Risk in replacing countertop before cabinet: 

There are various risks in replacing the countertop before the cabinet. The primary threats include:

Problem in layout

The function and efficiency of the kitchen and its layout are fundamental. The builders and designers of the kitchen spend significant time with their clients deciding on the existing kitchen layout. After discussing, they choose the best design suitable for the home and then design it accordingly.

However, before this conversation with the designer, if you have replaced or installed outdated countertops, you will find yourself with limited options that might be undesired and below your expectation.

Permanent damage to countertops

If you replace countertops before cabinets, you cannot claim the amount if it gets destructed, even if it is under warranty. It is because warranties are written keeping the industry standards in mind, which are cabinets before countertops.

Have you already replaced the countertop?

You can contact a professional, if you have replaced your countertop earlier and now facing a problem.

Should you opt for DIY (Do it yourself)?

It is not hard to find DIY videos on remodeling a kitchen, and many people select this way but later regret it. Going for DIY in everything is never a good idea. There are professionals with prowess in installing and remodeling kitchens.

Being inept in this field, you might yield an undesired result and will squander your valuable time and money. Getting a professional will take the burden off your shoulders, and they will handle everything themselves. So, you will not have to worry about anything, and you will get desired result too.

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